10 Great Baby Blogs You Have to Read

We want to keep the “addiction” going, here are some great baby blogs you have to visit!  If you think we have missed some, which I am sure we did, in the comment section please put the baby blog you want to share with us!

1.  Kelle Hampton (sorry just fixed the link)

What an inspiring mom and family.  One year ago she had a child with down syndrome and has been blogging about it since.  She raises money for the National Down Syndrome Society as well.  One of the must reads!

2.  4tunate

Raising FOUR boys at once?! In 2007 she had quad boys, just thinking about that is exhausting!  Although BBA is a little biased on 4tunate, we love her blog and believe if they can raise 4 boys at once, ANYTHING is possible.

3.  Dear Baby Blog

This blog is at the top of Top Baby Blogs for a reason!  Besides her great posts and her writing style, I love all the pictures she includes in the blog.  Awesome stuff from Melissa.

4.  Spearmint Baby

If you want ideas of baby rooms, clothes, activities and other baby things, Spearmint Baby shows all kinds of great ideas for moms.  Great pictures are included that will make you want to make these for your little one or buy it for your little one! It also takes on the slant of bargain shopping.

5.  The Crafty Nest

Well it says it in the title, but this blog is all about arts and crafts with directions and giveaways.

6.  Smart Mommy Healthy Baby

This blog is all about keeping yourself as well as your baby healthy.  A lot of great information on it that is very useful.

7. Steece’s Pieces

Her quote sums it up best, “Prayed for One, Blessed with Four”, another Quad mom blogger, which we also have had on BBA.  Great pictures on the blog! Must read!

8.  Rave and Review

Want great reviews and giveaways on baby and children products?  Well this site has it all.  Their slogan sums it up best “Honest and In-Depth product reviews for the stuff families use”.

9.  Bringing up Bumble

This baby blog is fairly like all other mom blogs except with great videos! In this day in age, we all are video junkies and this blog has some great videos to go along with their written content.

10.  Future DILF

We had to throw in a dad blog and this one made it.  Some interesting reads and very funny.

There is our 10 Great Baby Blogs You Have To Read!  We know we missed some out there and hopefully you will come through and help our readers by commenting below and sharing the blogs you like the most!  Hopefully we helped your ADDICTION!

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