Kid Won’t Eat? This Works for Me!

cooking on clover lane

We recently posted about Healthy, Fun Lunches here on BBA. I’m always searching for creative ways to feed a kid, since I have a picky preschooler who is more of a grazer than a sit-down-and-eat-a-meal kind of child.

Here’s another great post that my friend Leslie came across while blog hopping. It’s called Kid Won’t Eat? This Works for Me! from Cooking on Clover Lane. She offers lots of other great recipes with beautiful pictures to accompany them. Check out all the labels in the right column to jump to recipes titles that look like they will work for your family.

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  1. Thanks for the link!

  2. Feeding my baby has always been a puzzle for me, it’s like the more you explore the better it is.You need to find out more recipes so that your baby doesn’t get bored by the similar stuffs every day.This one looks good on the screen, i would try this out to find out whether it works for me or not.