My Pregnancy Journal: “Are you sure you want the Epidural?”

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Week 26
By Jennifer

I had a c-section for my first child, so never had the chance to say yes or no to an epidural during labor. But, a friend of mine didn’t know whether she was going to get one or not. She said she’d play it by ear.

All that changed when she started laboring. She said “yes” to the epidural, then her husband turned to her and said, “Are you sure you want the epidural? You don’t want just a drip of Tylenol?” I can just imagine the look she gave him!

What do you think? Epidural or no epidural?

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  1. With my first, I didn’t have a choice and didn’t have the mind to make a choice. I got the epi. We were hopeful to have an intervention free pregnancy the 2nd time … didn’t happen… but when I was asked if I’d get one, I said the usually “play it by ear.”. My husband, who apparently remembered the first delivery very vividly, responded… “Oh no… you need the epidural.” lol. I did end up with it once again.

  2. with my first…i wanted to be all super woman and not get one…so that’s what I did…for 17 hours of labor….

    so second time around, I said, NO WAY i’m doing that again and asked for the epi.

    except, bubba had different plans and was born 20 minutes after I asked for the epi…so, in the end, NO EPIDURAL. Grr…but at least at that point the whole thing was over (in less than 5 hours of labor)

  3. Heck yes. My labor was hard enough with the epidural, I could not imagine having given birth without it!

  4. I live in japan, so i think i didn’t have epidural while laboring.. The pain I had during my 22 hours of laboring was all worth it when I saw my baby for the first time. I suddenly forgot all the pain i felt the entire?night.

  5. My girlfriend says she will not take an epidural or any pain medication for that matter. I have heard that this will cause you be more tense, causing you to have a longer labor and have more stress on the baby. It is her choice though, and I’m going to stand by her because even the pain medications have ill side effects.

  6. Love your site. My husband and I are just trying for our first. The very idea of a non medicated child birth horrifies me! Thats for all of your input, ladies!