It Might Look Silly, but the Band Serves a Purpose

band amon maternity

By Jennifer

It might look silly, but most things do when you’re pregnant, right? Who cares anyway if it serves a purpose like relieving back pain or sucking in that tummy after you have the baby.

I’ve never been one who likes things that fit tightly against my pregnant belly, so when I received the band from Amon Maternity to review, I put off wearing it. That was until the past few days when I realized that my back was killing me by mid-afternoon. I do a lot of sewing, plus I do normal daily chores – cooking, dishes, laundry and playing on the floor with my three-year-old (well, I don’t consider that a chore, but you get the point.)

I remembered my band and decided to give it a shot now that I am getting a bigger belly (25 weeks with baby #2) and having awful backaches.

I was surprised that the band didn’t bother me, even though it fit snugly over my belly, and it actually gave my lower back relief right away. I knew I was ready to spread the word to you fellow baby blog addicts when I wore it today, but took it off mid-afternoon. My back was in pain as I was cleaning up after dinner and I realized I didn’t have my band on. I put it back on and felt relief again. I was telling my husband about it and he said I sounded like an infomercial, but I was just telling him like it was.

Now I can’t wait to try out their other products – the brief, skivvies and eventually the body shaper. I’m hoping that one will be the equivalent of a mini-tummy tuck after I give birth ;)

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  1. That’s pretty cool!

  2. I started to wear the Amon bodyshaper a couple weeks ago and love it. My son was born six weeks ago and the bodyshaper makes me look like I didn’t just have a baby and I feel 10lbs lighter!