Hire a Lifeguard

lifeguard on dutySafety around swimming pools is stressed so much, especially when it comes to kids during the summer. Most public pools have lifeguards. But what if you are hosting a pool party at your own home?

A while back, I read an article in Parents magazine that suggested hiring a lifeguard if you host a pool party for kids. I thought that was such a great idea to make the party a little less stressful for the host and a little more fun and most importantly safe for the kids and parents. The same day I read the article, my sister-in-law posted on her blog that she took her son to a birthday pool party where the parents hired a lifeguard at their own pool.

Since I don’t have a pool and haven’t been to a kid’s pool party yet, I guess I had never really thought about it. But hiring a lifeguard is a great idea that I’m sure you and the other parents will appreciate, if you decide to throw a pool party at your home.

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