My Pregnancy Journal: “Did You Eat the Baby?”

pregnant_bellyWeek 23
By Jennifer

A few weeks ago, my three year old son asked a very inquisitive question. He put his hand on my belly and said…

Jack: “Mommy, did you eat the baby?”
Me: “No, Jack.”
Jack: “Well then how did it get in your tummy?”

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  1. that is too cute! Gotta love the little inquisitive minds that they come with huh? What a good big brother he will be! :)

  2. what a cute little boy…


  3. Uh oh…that’s a question you will want to dodge for now…

  4. Sounds like a smart kid. If there is something in mommy’s belly, the logical conclusion is that she ate it! Congrats on the new one, and God bless your family.