My Pregnancy Journal: Finally, A Good Kick


Week 22
By Jennifer

Editor’s note: “My Pregnancy Journal” posts will be first hand accounts of what’s going on in my pregnancy. I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant with our second child.

During my first pregnancy, my husband had to hear me talk about all the baby’s movements–kicking, flipping and punching. But every time I called him over to feel it, it stopped cold.

Until one afternoon…at a movie.

The key that time was that he was already sitting next to me. When the baby kicked, I grabbed his hand and moved it to my belly. Not only was a nice, swift kick delivered into the palm of his hand, but seconds later he saw another kick through my shirt. His face lit up like a kid in a candy store when he felt it.

This (my second) pregnancy is no different. I’m 22 weeks now and I’ve called him over several times only to have the baby stop moving. I was hoping to reenact last pregnancy’s movie movement when we went on a movie date this past weekend. So when I felt the baby start to move around, I knew this would be his chance to feel baby #2’s movement for the first time, and he finally did.

My husband says, “There’s something very strange and exciting about feeling–and seeing–the movement for the first time. It once again reinforces the fact that there’s something living in there.”

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