Evian Water Babies: Opinions Vary

evian_babiesThe video posted below is the latest YouTube sensation and has been burning up the TV airwaves. Some (us included) think the ad is funny. We’ve never been the type to put too much thought into that type of thing. If it’s funny on the surface, we laugh. There’s not a lot of analysis. Lucky for us, other people make it their specialty. Here are some links to different reactions to the ad:

:: The Evian Water Babies are Either Cute or Creepy
:: Evian Roller Babies Ad Draws Mixed Reviews
:: Skating Babies Are On a Roll As New YouTube Hit
:: Babies on Skates: Will They Sell Water?
:: Evian Roller Babies: Stop the Madness

What do you think? Check out the video below and leave a comment here.

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