GIVEAWAY – Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox

webtoolbox0620083We’re excited to be GIVING AWAY one of our favorite daddy gifts – The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox. We’ve featured it quite a bit here on BBA, because it’s such a unique gift for new dads and dads-to-be.

The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox arms new Dads with everything they would need for their very first diaper change as well as provides them with a chuckle.  The toolbox includes items such as a diaper, wipes, a turkey baster for precision hiney washing, tongs for several inches of steel separation between dad and the stinky diaper and many more practical and funny items.

They’ve also rolled out the “Real Men Change Diapers” bumper sticker which will be included in the giveaway!

How to enter:

1) Go to Fun Stuff 4 Babies and check out the toolbox, plus search through their other cool products.

2) Earn one entry by leaving a comment on this post telling us your favorite item in the toolbox or your favorite product on their site.

3) Earn one extra entry by helping them to get on the Ellen Show. They really want to be on Ellen (Can you blame them? I LOVE her show!), so they can show off their Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox. You can help them out by suggesting their product for her show. Click here to suggest it and then leave a separate comment below for an extra giveaway entry.

4) This giveaway ends: Tuesday, 7/14 at 7:00 PM ET. We’ll select a random winner then post their name here on BBA and contact them after the contest ends. Good luck!

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  1. Carla Pullum says:

    Favorite item is the pacifier!

  2. My husband is so dramatic when he changes a dirty diaper so I think the nose plugs are great! :)

  3. I actually really love the toolbox so I hope I win it.

  4. I love the nose plugs; that’s very funny!

  5. Also: I went to Ellen’s site and tried to enter this product, but the form went blank when I submitted it. So I’ll try again later too.

  6. HAHA….. that is GREAT!!!! haha

  7. I love the biohazard bag and turkey baster. Just too funny. I’d love to get one of these to give to my bro who is about to have his first baby.

  8. Kathryn says:

    I like the turkey baster! I figure this kit could gently “nudge” my hubby into changing a few more diapers…

  9. Kathryn says:

    I suggested this for the Ellen Show right before Father’s Day. They won’t let me suggest it again, I’m sure, so does that still count?

  10. Victoria says:

    That’s hilarious! I have a friend who is having a baby and I know the baby wipes would come in handy.

  11. 25 years ago I overheard my husband pleading family members to change my daughter’s dirty diaper. He actually offered cold, hard cash for the dirty deed. Grandma said she was waiting for him to get to $10 before she took up his offer! I could envision him using several of the items found in the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolkit, like the all important “gas” mask, full frontal eye protection, the baster for cleansing, the tongs for lifting, and definitely the bio-hazard bag for destroying any remnants of the foul burden that was placed upon him.

  12. I made a suggestion to Ellen that she perform a skit using items found in the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox. I think that would be hilarious – she would take it to an extreme like no one else would and have people rolling in the aisles!

  13. Poop Poncho LOL

  14. I love the patent pending poop poncho. I think though they should include a cloth diaper instead! :)
    heading to reccomend for the Ellen show….

  15. i just sent a suggestion off to the Ellen show! told them it is a fun product but shows the importance of the father being more involved in the “dirty” parenting.

  16. I love the goggles! That’s awesome!

  17. Jessica M says:

    My favorite item is the turkey baster! This would be a great gift for my husband for our new baby on the way. Seems like the women always get all the goodies :)

  18. I love the TONGS! LOL ‘Several inches of steel between you and your warm wrapped gift” hahaha That is SO my husband!

  19. LOL the nose and ear plugs are the best!

  20. I just love that it comes with a biohazard bag & goggles! That’s so something my husband would use, he’s so dramatic.

  21. I suggested it to the Ellen show. I hope they make it on!

  22. This box is hillarious. I like the poop poncho best. It would be a great gift for fathers-to-be. I love to give it to one and watch his try to decide if he’s really going to need to wear a mask to change his baby’s diaper. As a father of three I’ve changed many diapers over the years. I can still remember the sense of dread the first time I was left alone with my son and realized that I was the only one available to take care of the stinky package.

  23. I sent a comment to Ellen. I agree with Terri. Ellen would make the audience go wild. The box is already funny. They’d be laughing so hard their sides would hurt.

  24. Carrie M says:

    HA! I love the poncho! After last weekend, I thing my husband would really want one.

  25. Love the box- the goggles are hilarious!

  26. hands down the nose plugs. men can be so melodramatic! love it!

  27. I like the pacifier!

  28. What a great idea! Too funny!