Website Spotlight: Sugarplum Dreams

Sugarplum_dreamsSugarplum Dreams is a one-stop shop that reflects the needs of today’s moms. It was recognized by The Cradle and Pregnancy Magazine as a finalist for being one of the top baby boutiques in America.

Started in 2000, Sugarplum Dreams features categories ranging from baby and children’s bedding to bibs and burp cloths to hats and accessories.

“I set out to create a shopping experience that appeals to the childlike sense of wonder and playful spirit that exists in everyone,” owner Rebecca Cotton says on her website. “For me, it isn’t about just selling cute stuff – Sugarplum Dreams is more than that. It’s about offering a memorable experience and building a relationship you’ll never outgrow.”

Sugarplum Dreams also has a blog with useful parenting tips.

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