Toddler with Potty on His Head

Toddler stuck in pottyTWO-year-old Tyler did not understand what all the fuss was about when firefighters arrived at his Worthing home yesterday. The toddler had managed to get part of his new blue potty stuck around his neck.

Mum Louise Jones said: “We got the potty to encourage Tyler to get toilet trained. I turned around to see he’d pulled it on over his head and it was completely stuck around his neck.”

“At first he just looked funny so I took a photograph expecting him to pull it back over his head, but then I realised it was stuck and was not going to come off.”

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  1. I think that Tyler may not be ready yet for potty training from the sound of it. In fact most of the boys that I know tend to be ready to potty train when they turn 3. It is a funny story though.