Blog Hopping: Toddler’s Haircut

baby_haircutTips for getting a difficult toddler to sit still during a haircut from Our Little Smarties:

1. Remove his t-shirt, get a towel and drape it over his body before he sits down for his haircut. Keep the towel closed so that no little hair particles will fall into the towel.

2. Get a nice and comfortable cushion for him to sit.

3. Put on a plastic sun visor just below his hair line so that the little pieces of hair will fall on the visor instead of his face. When the hair starts to pile up on the visor, gently brush it off.

4. Keep him entertained with his favorite book or game. This will help to focus his attention on something other than his haircut.

5. Lastly, when the haircut is completed, remove the towel and visor very carefully so that the hair does not fall on him.

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