Summer Playgroup with Classmates

summer-play-groupIf your baby or toddler is in a Mother’s Day Out program or preschool that takes the summer off, consider getting the parents’ email addresses and coordinating your own weekly playgroup with them over the summer.

It’s a great way to keep your child interacting with kids their own age and a way for you to meet other moms. Get creative in your playgroup locations. Sometimes it’s too much pressure to host in your own home, so compile a list of possible activities with help from the other moms and make a schedule for the entire summer. You will be amazed at what new places you will be able to discover with your little ones.

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  1. I LOVE this idea! I too am part of a MOPS programs at our church. They are now off till the Fall. We are going to try & get something like this going during our “hiatus”. I am sure we will be trying to get together at various venue’s. Hopefully there will be enough of us having “stay-cations” that we can get some sort of discount if we have a large enough group. Anything just to get out of the house! (=