A Mother’s Choice: Her Baby or Herself

handsBy Ronda Kaysen

When one mother discovered, at 24 weeks pregnant, that she had a malignant brain tumor, she was faced with an unthinkable choice: treat her cancer and lose the baby, or wait until the baby could live on her own and risk her own life.

In a stunning act of devotion to her baby, she chose to delay treatment until she knew the baby was strong enough to live outside the womb. A recent Los Angeles Times essay recounts her harrowing tale.

Doctors told the mother, a young Indian woman in her 20s, that if she didn’t treat the aggressive tumor immediately, she would likely die. But the fetus would probably not survive treatment. She decided to delay treatment and slipped into a coma within days.


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  1. wow! i imagine that was a very tough decision for her but i have to say i’d choose the same thing. i mean who among us would not lay down our life for our children? for me personally, an unborn child is the same as any other child. i hate that it ended this way and her daughter won’t get a chance to know her mother but she will always know how much her mother loved her.