Single Father Juggles Parenting and the PGA Tour

goydosA great article from the New York Times…

Reading the winds off the Atlantic — so essential for success in this weekend’s Players Championship in Florida — is a breeze next to gauging his teenage daughters’ well-being by their hurried text messages. Interpreting the girls’ fluctuating moods keeps the golfer Paul Goydos up at night.

Now, more than ever, he insists they call him when they are out with friends or leaving work, no matter how late. He sleeps better after hearing their voices as they talk about the day — like golfers rehashing their rounds.

Goydos, 44, has had full custody of his daughters, Chelsea and Courtney, since 2003. With the support of his ex-wife’s family and his own, he has juggled being a full-time father and PGA Tour player. It has been a difficult balancing act, perhaps never more so than this year.

“I do think that sometimes he can worry too much,” Chelsea, 18, said this week in a telephone interview. “I try to tell him we can handle ourselves. I’ll say, ‘If we need you, we’ll text you.’ ”

If Goydos, a two-time winner on the tour, is hyperalert to any spikes in his daughters’ emotional temperatures, there is a reason. In January, his ex-wife, Wendy, the mother of his children, died unexpectedly. She was 44. For years she had battled an addiction to prescription medication for her migraines.


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