2009 Mother of the Year Award

mother-of-the-year1Drum roll please…I was announced as the 2009 Mother of the Year on CNNBC and even celebrities on the red carpet were talking about it! So maybe it’s not a real award and the celebrities may not have been talking about moi, but it’s a humorous video message that was emailed to me by a good friend wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day.

You can customize a video for your favorite mom(s) as Mother of the Year too. Check it out here. It’s really easy to do. Just enter their name and email address and the video is automatically customized throughout with their name as the 2009 Mother of the Year.

My favorite was the quote at the end that said, “We’ve also confirmed that pulling your hair back in a ponytail is not the same as actually taking a shower.” Really???

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