Why Does My Two-Year-Old Tantrum So Much?

By Gopi Patel, MSE.d
Special Educator

Parents should always remember that tantrums are a behavior children learn. Attention is usually given to them when they don’t get their own way. Children usually very quickly learn that crying, yelling, screaming, kicking, laying on the floor and generally acting-out can help them get what they want. As long as the child gets what he wants tantrums will continue and worsen over time.

Courtesy: ebeanstalk.com

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  1. bridget says:

    oh my second is starting this now! I can ignore him mid-fit fine… my 3y/o is getting time out a lot for not listening to me when I ask her to leave him alone. ack. it’s like a circus some days.

    love the new page set up. I just realized today that I haven’t gotten posts to my reader in a some time.