Viral Video: Lip Syncing, Guitar-Playing Toddler

houserCountry music singer Randy Houser’s new video for his song Boots On has become an internet sensation thanks to an adorable todder.

Check out this recent entry from Houser’s website,

“For several weeks, you guys have been watching and forwarding the hysterical YouTube video of 4-year-old Drake lip syncing Randy Houser’s new hit single “Boots On”! Drake’s nanny captured the young performer on video when he was in his car seat in the back of her vehicle. The toddler lip syncs and plays an incredible guitar….well, a plastic guitar. The video was seen by Universal Records South execs and like everyone else, they were amazed by Drake’s unique interpretation complete with facial expressions and tapping boots.”

When it came time recently to shoot a music video for “Boots On” everyone agreed, including Houser, that Drake had to be a part of it.

Check out the video below. Houser’s album, Anything Goes, is available on iTunes.

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