BBA Quick Hits

> Depression and Sleep
A new report has found that babies born to mothers who are depressed have more sleep disturbances, including problems falling asleep and number of awakenings.

> Grieving a Miscarriage
Why won’t people stop saying “you can try again soon”? What is the “right” amount of grief? Are there more miscarriages now or does it just seem that way? What to tell the children about the baby who will not be? The questions answered here.

> When Does a Toddler Walk on His Own?
Every child develops at a different rate and, while it’s true that some children go upright and are toddling independently immediately, it’s equally true that some take more time to literally let go.

> Eco-Parenting in Eight Simples Steps
Raising children is hard enough without worrying about the environmental consequences of your parenting choices.  Don’t sweat it. You already care about your child’s well-being and green choices make it easier.  If you are losing sleep over diaper selection – biodegradable or cloth – let it go. Here are eight eco-parenting fundamentals.

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