Greening Up Baby

green-footstepsCaring for an infant is a tiring but rewarding experience. It is also an extremely wasteful experience. The average baby uses 5,000 diapers before mastering potty-training. Ninety-five percent of these diapers are sent to landfills, according to the National Association of Diapers Services.

Diapers aren’t the only problem. Parents buy products made with materials that are harmful to the environment when harvested or manufactured.

There are other options. Here are five ways parents can care for babies and the earth:

> Stop using wipes
> Find multi-use items
> Switch to cloth diapers
> Use organic ingredients
> Switch to organic fabrics

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  1. Every time I see a kid in a diaper I wonder what the mountains of diapers buried in our Earth will eventually do. We are insane to keep using them. Guess we just don’t care…

  2. Custom Baby Art BY JESS says:

    wow..i had no idea it was so bad. I will be much more conscious from now on :)