Getting Fit After Baby

Here are a few exercise tips from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists…

> Begin exercising at a slow pace, especially if you didn’t exercise much during your pregnancy.
> Always start your workouts with a warmup and end with a cool-down period.
> Work out in a supportive sports bra.
> Start out with regular power walks. You can take baby with you in a stroller.
> Work your way up from walking to more difficult exercises.
> Consider joining an exercise class that’s designed for new moms.
> Look for exercise programs at a local gym or fitness center, community center or college.

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  1. Elaine Waterman says:

    When my second was 8 weeks old I started going to Stroller Strides. I had exercised pretty much until delivery so I was in pretty good shape but I still had 25 lbs to lose. I thought the class would be too easy- a whole bunch of walking around with your stroller. Since Stroller Strides offers your first class FREE I thought I would try it out once and see.

    The class was great- it offered a great mix of strength training and cardio. There were lots of moms there- ones that were just starting out, pregnant moms, super athletic moms. I felt like part of the mom community, working towards a common goal of losing the baby weight while becoming friends. Even the instructors were moms! I was sore the next day but have been going ever since!

    I have lost all the baby weight, toned up and have made great friendships with other moms and kids. I love Stroller Strides and recommend it to all new moms!