The Tummy Tub


Did you catch this on the Today Show Friday morning?

The Tummy Tub, which is huge in Europe, is making a splash in America thanks to a woman selling the product out of her basement.

“It’s designed to mimic the mother’s womb,” Janis McKellar told the Today Show crew. As she spoke, her 14-month old son, John, sat serenely in his Tummy Tub, flanked by other parents and their babies, who seemed delighted to be bathing in warm water while curled up in fetal position.

While the $45 Tummy Tub may look like a typical bucket, it’s designed with a low center of gravity to prevent it from tipping, even with water up to the baby’s shoulders.

Here’s the video link to the Today Show story. And a link to a Tummy Tub slideshow.

Tummy Tubs are sold in the United States in three colors. Find them at

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  1. it’s a bucket….