Pregnant Women Can Still Have Style

maternityTwo decades ago, “there was little in the way of fashion and maternity,” says Rebecca Matthias, president and chief creative officer of A Pea in the Pod. “It was kind of an oxymoron: maternity fashion.”

Things are very different today.

Liz Lange, who designs both high-end maternity wear and a line for Target, relies on stretch fabrics to create flattering silhouettes.

“It may seem like the opposite is true, but when you wear something fitted, close to the body, it is so much more flattering,” she says. “It shows you have some new curves, but also where you don’t.”

Lange credits stars with bringing show-your-pregnancy style to the fore.

“It really has gone from hiding your pregnancy to wearing clothes that celebrate it,” she says. “When you see all the coverage of these fabulous looking celebrities and they look so good in their fitted clothing, completely keeping their sense of style, it’s very, very influential. Other women want to look like that too. They realize it looks great and it looks sexy.”

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