Dad’s Diary: Sick After a Flight…Again

baby_blog_addict_baby_-_small11By Scott

Like clockwork, every time we return from a plane trip our three-year-old gets sick. This time Jack has a sinus infection and pink eye. Giving him medicine has never been a problem (he loves it),  but this is the first time we’ve had to try to put eye drops in his eyes. That’s fun.

Here’s the backstory…

Jack woke up from his nap yesterday, right eye all crusty, and said, “Daddy, since I’m sick I’m just going to keep this eye closed (he couldn’t open it anyway) so it feels better.”

After he allowed a warm rag on it, the eye opened up. Later, I asked Jack how his eye felt.

“Not good,” he replied.

“Well, we’re going to take you to the doctor tomorrow,” I said. He agreed that a doctor’s visit was what he needed.

I talked to my wife this morning after his appointment and she said the doctor told her she would not prescribe a nose spray. Jack heard “nose spray” and said, “Noooo!!!! No nose spray.” Jennifer told him the doctor said he wouldn’t need the nose spray and that she would prescribe eye drops.

“Noooo!!!! No eye drops,” he cried.

Jennifer told Jack he needed the eye drops so his eyes could get better and he could go back to school on Friday, which he loves.

“Noooo!!!! I don’t wanna go back to school,” he cried again, with a more dramatic flair this time.

We kind of got the eye drops in this afternoon by bribing him with one Peep left over from Easter. But now that he’s wise to the process and realizes he doesn’t like drops being put in his eyes, he may become more difficult.

Tonight should be interesting.

Got any tips on keeping your kids healthy while traveling? Tricks for putting in eye drops? Dispense your wisdom in the comments below.

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