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Editor’s note: In our “Today’s Twitter” features, we spotlight blogs and businesses that follow Baby Blog Addict on Twitter. To get in on the action, follow us then let us know that you’d like to be featured., Mommy Blog on Twitter, is beautifully designed and covers a wide array of useful topics. It was founded by JB Sacallis and includes a number of “Momperts” who dispense advice to readers. Over the past seven years, Sacallis has been busy publishing books and opening a children’s clothing company. Those experiences prepared her well for what came next.soapboxmama1

“Being surrounded by babies and friends all totting kids, I was a walking mom-encyclopedia (with a great big opinion),” Sacallis told Baby Blog Addict. “And not unlike most of my friends, I wasn’t afraid to say what I really felt about things like soothers and immunization or when to start solids. I was truly passionate about it and many of them coined the phase of me standing on my soapbox when we got into lively discussions. Hence the birth of Soapboxmama.”

Sacallis says Soapbox provides the perfect place for her to escape.

“Writing a post late at night is a private and personal way to share with the many friends and readers that visit the site. Openly sharing the personal and intimate details about the trials of motherhood can often be cathartic. Getting a good laugh after a hard days with the kids is what every mom needs.”

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