Apple Apologizes for Controversial App

applelogoYesterday we told you about the “Shaken Baby” application that Apple released through its App Store for iPhone users. To say people were outraged would be an understatement. Once the story gained traction, the application was quickly removed from the App Store.

Late yesterday, Apple apologized for offering the “deeply offensive” Baby Shaker iPhone application that sparked protests from groups fighting infant abuse. The company acknowledged that it made a “mistake” approving the application, which depicts a crying baby and has users quiet the infant by vigorously shaking the smartphone. The quieted baby is shown with crosses on its eyes to indicate it’s dead.

But not everyone is happy with the apology. The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation called it “stale.”

“Who is this apology directed to?” said Patrick Donohue, founder of the foundation. “It’s directed at the media to kill the story. This is the most cynical apology I have ever seen.” 

The group is calling on Apple to provide a full accounting on how the application was vetted and then launched on the App Store and who is being held accountable. In addition, the foundation wants Apple to devise a plan to “mitigate the harm they’ve now caused,” Donohue said.

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  1. Wow I hadn’t heard about that one. I hope Apple didn’t give a refund to those that purchased it, if they had to pay for it.

  2. Wow, that’s messed up! I do know that there are just random software checker people who sorta mindlessly filter through the apps before they go out. I’m sure it was more of a “bad egg slipped through the cracks” sort of deal. Still…really messed up.