Blog Watch: Apple Pulls “Baby Shaker” App

iphone_babyBy Leslie Postal
Moms at Work

I’m not an iPhone owner (I know, poor me), so the fact that you can purchase various apps for said phones, well, that hardly matters to me.

But I couldn’t help but notice this story about the Baby Shaker app where you, yup, shake your phone to make the picture of a crying baby turn to a calm one.

 Child protection groups were outraged — and Apple pulled the .99 cent app from its store earlier today.

The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation condemned the app in a press release that said, “Something’s Rotten at Apple.”

The group called the application “horrible” and said it was basically encouraging people to shake babies.

 “As the father of a 3-year-old who was shaken by her baby nurse when she was only 5 days old, breaking 3 ribs, both collarbones and causing a severe brain injury, words cannot describe my reaction,” said Patrick Donohue, the foundation’s founder.


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