Toys and Gifts for One-Year-Olds

ABC Blocks A-ZFinding toys for one-year-olds is not that difficult. Finding great one-year-old toys or first birthday gifts is another story altogether.

Is it a toy for a one-year-old boy? Or a gift for a one-year-old girl? Because let’s be honest, toys for a one-year-old are very different than toys for an 18-month-old. And the key is finding the right toy or gift for the right development. Should they be wooden toys? Are plastic toys for one-year-olds bad? What is an appropriate gift for a one-year-old?

Toys for one-year-olds: At one year of age, a baby needs so many different toys to keep up with their development. They are starting to ‘fetch’ toys…they are stacking toys, nesting blocks inside of each other, they are saying 7-10 words and naming big body parts – ear, head, mouth. The little ones should be walking or cruising with support and should be giving toys to adults (the beginning of sharing and cause and effect). Moreover, the one-year-old will most likely learns the dreaded word, “NO”. Enjoy!

Toys for one-and-a-quarter-year-olds: Just three months later and one-year-old toys will seem like a thing of the past. This kiddo will need toys to allow for more interaction (like balls). They will need toys for trial and error or toys matching to animal sounds or putting simple shapes into a shape sorter. They will surprisingly understand 50 or so words and potentially ask for ‘more’. They will be using their toys to pull objects in and out, and will most likely be able to throw a small ball. Also, here come the hugs and kisses. It’s amazing the difference between a one-year-old and a 15-month-old and the toys they they need.

Toys for one-and-a-half-year-olds: Now the one-year-old (who is now really one and a half) will group certain toys together and will use two toys together for pretend play. They will turn the pages of a book correctly and will attempt simple puzzles. They will jump a couple of inches in the air and may even graduate to some small tantrums. The trick with one-year-olds (and a half) is to keep it simple as they really start to grow and develop emotionally.

Toys for one and three-quarter-year-olds: Again, just 3 months go by, and your one-year-old (now 21 months young) will respond to toys very differently from just a few months ago. They will start to put away toys on a request and will even attempt to repair broken toys. They will scribble on the confines of a piece of paper (time for some toys for arts and crafts) and remember where certain toys belong. They can select one item from a group of five and even build a tower. Sand and water play becomes more advanced. They will also express a variety of emotions. The difference between a one-year old and a one-year-old after just 8 months is glaring.

Whew! And thus completes the 2nd year of life. Easy, right? With all of the development that happens to a one-year-old, it’s certain that selecting the right toys for the right stage of development is paramount.

If you want to go beyond 1 year old toys and gifts, and learn more about a child’s development, you may enjoy this article on what to expect during the second year of your child’s life.


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