Crackdown Possible on Parent-Bloggers

The Wall Street Journal’s The Juggle blog broaches an interesting subject. The idea of the Federal Trade Commission getting involved in the issue of parent-bloggers and their transparency to readers.

“The sticky issue that is raised is what happens if a product is given for free,” said Richard Cleland, a spokesman for the FTC, to ABC News. He added that the punishment a blogger could face might range from cease-and-desist orders to reimbursement to consumers who may have bought a product under false circumstances.

Many parents use bloggers’ recommendations when researching products.

“When it comes to the mom market, 80% of moms buy a product at the recommendation of another mother,” said Maria Bailey, the founder of BSM Media, a company that helps other corporations market their products toward mothers, to ABC News. She estimated that more than 85% of moms read blogs.

The FTC hopes to address the issue by this summer.

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  1. blogging really connects ppl and helps out when things need to be researched… ppl should just realize what thet are getting into