Dad’s Diary: Easter Vacation

By Scott

We ventured out of town for Easter this year. A nice, six-day getaway to see both our families.

Our three-year-old has flown a lot during his young life, so we’ve never had a problem with him on a plane. Actually, we don’t have a lot of problems with him at all. But when he visits the grandparents, he is nothing but an angel. Maybe they give in to his requests more than we do. Maybe it’s because he has more entertainment options around him. Whatever the case, on this trip, he didn’t whine for nearly a week.

Best. Kid. Ever.

Then we had to fly back home. First, Jack, understandably, said he didn’t want to leave and cried a little. Then he wanted his chocolate bunny to make the pain go away. I think we underestimated the effect of the bunny on an exhausted toddler. There were no meltdowns, but he was irritable and extremely talkative the entire flight (lucky for us it was only an hour and a half). By the time we got home we were ready to let him sleep in the garage.

I guess Jack knew what his five-year-old cousin verbalized after we left.

“I’m really going to miss Jack,” Gavin said. “Now my life will go back to being the same old thing every day.”

If only we could figure out how to make Jack act the same way every day. Then we’d be on to something. But then I guess he wouldn’t be a toddler, would he?

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