Blog Hopping: Conversations with Lola

waterfall1By Jessica Myatt
BBA Contributor

“The Waterfall”

Scene: I see Lola running into her bathroom with my step-stool and a lid to a storage tub.

Jessica: “Lola, come here please!” (Lola runs into the kitchen) “What are you doing with that lid?”

Lola: “Nothing.” (this answer always means trouble.)

Jessica: “Go put the lid back in your bedroom and come help me with the potatoes.”

Lola: “Okay Mommy.” (runs out of the kitchen.)

Two minutes pass. Lola appears in the kitchen.

Lola: “Mommy, come see what I made!”

Jessica: “Ok, what is it?”

Lola: “It’s a WATERFALL!!!!!!”

I have no idea how her little 3 year old mind came up with this! The water was dripping just enough out of the faucet to make it an actual waterfall! You can see below, it was dripping from the lid, onto the counter, into each drawer and onto the floor.


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  1. Hooteewho says:

    I knew my granddaughter would be famous some day! Hurrah for a healthy imagination!

    Nana K

  2. Aunt Gay says:

    That’s my Lola!!!

  3. Such a preciously precocious little girl she is, and that’s why we love her so much!!!

  4. Now that’s talent! I remember someone on the gurgle baby forums telling me how their son once managed to flood the whole kitchen while they were having a bath, so I think you might have got off lightly perhaps!

  5. Lola G is one smart cookie!!!!

  6. as much as i would want to scream if that were my child you have to admit it’s pretty genious!

  7. Ha Ha…She’s bringing back Wet & Wild! Yippie

  8. LMAO!! that’s hilarious.