Recession Gives Families More Time Together

A good article published this morning in the New Jersey Star-Ledger…

Last year, Dana Slomkowski ferried her preschoolers to horseback riding lessons, gymnastics and dance class. On errands to the store, she routinely bought small toys. If her 4-year-old daughter decided to wear only dresses, Slomkowski bought more dresses.

But life for the Slomkowskis has changed since the recession. Now, the children have one activity each. Gone are pricey vacations and long day trips. And if daughter Rory wants a new dress, she raids her piggy bank.

At first, Slomkowski felt guilty about the cutbacks. But now, she believes, her family is better off.

“We have more time, we talk. We may not go anywhere, but at least we’re all home together. Now I’m big on, ‘go outside and play,'” says Slomkowski, 39, a Manahaw kin stay-at-home mom whose husband works at IBM, where there are pay freezes, including no cost of living adjustment this year.

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