‘Octomom’ Trademarks Nickname

octomom_diaperNadya Suleman needs money to pay for all those babies, so she plans to sells Octomom-brand dresses, pants, shirts, as well as cloth and disposable diapers. In doing so, she also wants to protect the nickname bestowed upon her. Suleman has applied to trademark “Octomom” and  declares, “OCTOMOM is a nickname by which I am widely known.”

“Nadya has been interested in, and hoping to find, something not so intrusive to the family and babies while, at the same time, [something to] sort of focus on trying to make a little income for herself,” Suleman’s lawyer Jeff Czech told Star Magazine.

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  1. michelle mowery says:

    Nadya I salute you and I pray for your support. You are doing a very nice job raising you very large family. Keep up the good work and forget what the nurds are saying..MM