Dad’s Diary: First Baseball Game

By Scott

To me, baseball is something you have to see in person. Kind of like hockey, except that I like baseball. In person. I just get bored watching it on TV. Short attention span, I guess.

universal-baseball-026In person, the sensory experience of baseball is different. When you’re at the ballpark early in the season, the smell of spring is in the air. So are the smells of burgers and sausage dogs on the grill. The sounds are unique to America’s pasttime: the crack of the bat, the music that is synonomous with ballparks everywhere, the P.A. announcer’s words bouncing off the outfield wall and filling the stadium, the chants from the crowd, the belligerent fan. The sights are pretty good, too: the guy keeping score, the people throwing shirts into the stands, the super fan, the father and son. 

Last weekend, I was finally part of the father-son combo. 

Jack is now 3 1/2, and we probably could have gone to a game sooner, but I wanted to wait until he had a feel for what was happening. Back in December I wrote about his first football game. Big success. He was really into it. I knew he’d enjoy the baseball

Seeing new excitement in a child’s eyes is part of what makes parenthood great. When we pulled up to the stadium, Jack’s eyes lit up as only a toddler’s can. As we walked closer he started asking a lot of questions. He does that anyway these days, but this night he was in rare form. He asked about the big stadium lights and if there was a potty. He wanted pizza. And a snow cone. And candy.

Once we got to our seats, he asked about the white things (bases), orange stuff (infield dirt) and the colors of the players’ jerseys. He imitated the crack of the bat. I even got him to heckle some of the opposing players. He thought it was “silly” that the players were hitting the ball into the netting behind home plate (foul balls).

There aren’t too many “first times” in life, but I’m looking forward to many more with Jack. Especially if they’re as fun as our last two sports outings.

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