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:: Lawyer: Octuplets in Danger
Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred says Nadya Suleman’s only cares about her eight babies when the cameras are rolling.

:: Safety first!
Baby-proofing suggestions for your home.

:: Is Mariah Carey expecting a Baby Girl?
According to the New York Daily News, Carey recently dropped $200,000 on baby furniture. The pricey pickups included a pink crib and highchair.

:: Best Gift for Newborn’s Siblings?
One-on-one time with mom is what they may want most.

:: Toddlers Really Do Hear What We Say
Apparently they just pretend they don’t and store away the information for later.

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  1. Anonymous says:
  2. beth ewing says:

    if that is true about octomom, i really worry about those babies and of course the other 6.