Blog Hopping: Confessions of a Mommy Blogger

By Catherine Newman

Blogging is narcissistic — and time-consuming. It gives strangers (not to mention the in-laws) ammunition for criticizing our parenting choices. And one day it could really mortify our kids. Here’s why we do it anyway.

You are not alone. If there’s a single fact to take from the 70 million blogs that inhabit the Internet, it’s this: Whoever you are — however thrilled or frantic, bored or despairing, buoyant or afflicted with love like an aching in your bones — someone out there understands. Especially if you’re a mother. Someone out there is still awake with a restless toddler. Someone out there has swigged the last of the cooking sherry, or dotted a nursing newborn with Doritos fallout. And someone is writing about it.

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  1. Finleypotamus says:

    Soooo true!

  2. Well said. I identify completely and as a fellow blogger and blog reader, I think it’s important to let what you’re feeling out and also hear how others handle the same things. It makes us better parents.

  3. Reinvent Dad says:

    Absolutely, I agree as both a parent and a blogger.

  4. I totally agree with you. Blog hopping (yes I’m guilty of it) has helped me to find other moms who feel overwhelmed (or happy) at times just like I do.