Halloween Costumes: Sushi Roll & Raggedy Ann

Here are a couple more entries for our Halloween Costume Contest. Email us your photos before the contest ends on November 2nd at 7pm. Prizes: 2 Blurb Books and a diaper clutch from JackaroosBoutique.com.

Here’s what Gracie’s mom said…

My daughter is Asian and I just HAD to make her a sushi roll…..look at her candy bag….I took a fabric tote and printed “Kikko-GiGi Soy Sauce” (GiGi is her nickname)…It is something she can use and smile about when she thinks about the Halloween when she went as “The Gracie Roll”!!!

Raggedy Ann

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  1. I LOVE the sushi costume! SOO clever! Also, it makes me really happy that little girls still want to be Raggedy Ann. :)