Web Designer Spotlight: Leelou Blogs

Leelou has some adorable FREE blog templates available. She creates the layouts using inspiration from patterns she comes across every day – clothing, pillows, magazine covers, shower curtains….pretty much anything that strikes her.

She also does custom designs, but her waiting list for custom blog designs is 5 months out, so she’s closed the list for new custom orders for now. That’s one popular designer! Until then, check out her free layouts here.

Have any of you used Leelou’s free layouts? Let us know what you think in the comments section here.

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  1. Barbara Manatee says:

    I used one of Leelou’s free layout and I love it! The colors are great and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on the blog since I’ve added it.

  2. I have one as well and love it. A fellow blogger told me about it. I’ve had tons of compliments. It’s great that it’s free and I can change up my look whenever I want.

  3. The Patterson's says:

    I agree! There were many that I liked, and it was very easy to update my own blog.

  4. Adrienne and Kyle says:

    I have one too. It was easy to do and I didn’t lose any of my links when I did it. I love the colors too!

  5. babies blog says:

    I just checked out Leelou’s templates and they are great! I love the ‘Express’ layout she ahs available.