Giveaway & Website Spotlight: Booty Goo


One of our newest advertisers is Booty Goo, a fast-acting, highly effective diaper rash ointment. According to their marketing director, it soothes and treats your baby’s rash, while protecting it from moisture and other irritants. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties eliminate the cause of most diaper rashes and, with no artificial fragrances or preservatives, you can be sure your baby’s sensitive skin will not be further irritated. It’s also non-greasy, and won’t stain clothing like other popular ointments!

And how cute is their logo?!

When ordering, Baby Blog Addict readers can receive 10% off by entering the code “babyblog.”

For those who would like to try their luck instead, we are giving away a tube of diaper rash ointment and a Booty Goo bib to three Baby Blog Addict readers.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Go to and, in the comments below, tell us what you like most about the product.
2. Just make sure we have your contact info (email or blog address) either in your blogger profile or in the comment itself, so we can contact you.

3. Only one entry per person. We’ll randomly select three winners then post them here on BBA next week.

This contest runs Sunday, 9/7 – Sunday, 9/14 8am ET.

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  1. That it repels wetness!

  2. Stacey Family says:

    I like the cute logo!

  3. I like that it doesn’t stain. I also like that they make an adult version for athletes.

  4. I like that it has aloe and vitamin E in it.

  5. I Do Faces says:

    I think the booty goo travel sizes are perfect!! For those just in case times!!! And I love the saying “rid the rash” hahaha

  6. I love that is doesn’t stain. I also just like the name.

  7. Finleypotamus says:

    I like that it doesn’t stain and can be used for other skin conditions as well.

  8. no stains….

  9. Jennifer B says:

    The no stains and that it would be easy on babys bum.

  10. Jason, Cathy, and Claire says:

    i like the travel cases a lot and they would be great to throw in a diaper bag!

  11. I LOVE that it doesn’t stain!

    amen3two at gmail dot com

  12. Definitely, that it doesn’t stain.

  13. I love the cute logo!

  14. I like that it doesn’t have an artificial fragrence, but I love the name, too.

  15. I like that it doesn’t stain or have artificial fragrances. That’s awesome!

  16. Stephanie Steed says:

    I like that it doesn’t stain.

  17. cent_saving_mom says:

    Well obviously the cute logo and name but the fact that it is non-staining and repels wetness while protecting the skin.

    cent_saving_mom [at] yahoo [dot] com

  18. Just as long as it works! Day 14 of a terrible rash…

  19. Just as long as it works…day 14 of a terrible rash!

  20. Elizabeth M. says:

    I like the fact that you can use it to treat other skin ailments!

  21. i love that there is a picture of the guy whomade it and he’s been doing it for 35 years. impressive. but will it stand the test of my rash baby bottoms?
    i am am eager to find out!

  22. I like that it has aloe and e for healing.

  23. I love the fact that it is made with Zinc Oxide, Vitamin E and Aloe to heal and protect! Looks like a great product!!!

  24. I have never heard of it and would love to try it on my baby girl’s booty!!

  25. Not only is their logo unique and hilarious, I like that they offer a travel pack. My baby needs some Booty Goo!