Quad Q&A: "Best Thing About Quads"

This is the last of our Q&As with the Quad Moms. Like Mrs. Domino said in her comment on one of the previous Quad Q&A posts, “Just knowing quad mommies survive and have enough time to answer questions online is inspiring!”

Click here if you missed the rest of our “Q&A with the Quad Moms” series or just keep scrolling down to catch up on it all.

We’ll write up a thank you to everyone involved in our Quadathon next week, when I catch my breath, but for now we want to especially thank Suz, Jen, Gen and Mari for their time, humor and inspiring words.

12. What’s the best thing about having quads?

  • Suz Steecejeez….do you have all day to sit and talk with me, b/c i could go on and on and on and on about this one! there is so much i could say here! number one, we are MORE than beyond blessed to just have ONE child period. we know what it is like to struggle with infertility and that aching desire to get pregnant with a healthy baby…so, what a blessing that God has entrusted us with four at one time–it is truly amazing and humbling.

    as my babies grow and develop, i am watching them interact more and laugh with each other–that just makes my heart melt into mush! what an incredible bond and friendship they will carry with each other for their entire lives! their best friends were formed right there with them in the womb and they have been together ever since! i cannot begin to imagine that type of bond and absolutely LOVE watching their closeness.

    other things i love about having quads: 4 smiling faces in the morning, 4 babies crawling all over me at once, slobbery wet kisses, 4 babies simultaneously laughing, watching my husband become this amazing father, watching joe play with the kids & making them laugh, having an instant family–“just add water”!

  • Jen MurrayKnowing that I get to watch 4 MIRACLES grow up together….
    Watching them make each other laugh…
    Milestone Moments x4!….
    Seeing Brad as an AMAZING father….
    Saying Goodnight to 4 Little Sleeping Bodies….
    Watching them Be a Source of Joy for Others…
    Feeling Blessed Beyond Belief!
  • Gen McNultyBeing able to sit back now, and watch them laugh and interact with each other. They really are hysterical to watch: One second they’re laughing, one second they’re screaming, and the next they’re kissing and making up.
  • Mari GoerlichThere are lots of babies to go around – no one feels left out from getting some cuddle time. And oddly enough, I think it makes you a little more relaxed as a first time parent.

…INSPIRING is right.

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  1. Mrs. Domino says:

    Wow! Sounds amazing! And I’m so happy they mentioned having great husbands/dads. I’m sure that’s half the battle.