Quad Q&A: "Best Parenting Advice?"

Here’s the second to last question we asked the quad moms. Click here if you missed the rest of our “Q&A with the Quad Moms” series or just keep scrolling down.

What’s your best piece of parenting advice? Serious or funny. It can even be duct tape on diapers, Gen.

  • Suz Steece – hee hee, nice one Gen! we will definitely be using that one of these days! duct tape is my best friend! ha

    LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH! i believe in any situation you can find humor. sometimes when you are at your very lowest and don’t think you can go on, 1st pray, then LAUGH. find SOMETHING in the situation to laugh about. grab your camera, snap some shots–it might not be funny now, but give it an hour, day, week, month, year–and i’m sure you will be able to laugh about it eventually!

    you have to constantly make an effort to stay positive throughout everything–from the pregnancy to the NICU to the sleep-deprived nights to the temper tantrums–or you could easily lose your mind!

    make your husband a priority and really work on spending one-on-one time with him EVERY day–it can be something as little as sharing a cup of coffee before the morning feed…but you must really make the effort to keep your marriage strong. beg people to watch the kids for one hour so you can grab some food with your hubby! it is SO important!

    and last but definitely NOT least, i don’t know what i would do without God or my faith, friends and family who have helped us out TREMENDOUSLY throughout this roller coaster ride called: “life with quads”. Lean on those positive influences in your life and do NOT be too prideful to ask for- or accept help!

  • Jen MurrayBe confident. You are the parent – you have God-given instincts – use them! Although people have great intentions when offering you their advise, you know your own baby better than anyone else in the world, so don’t be afraid to be bold about what’s best for him/her when it comes to sleep, food, schedules, etc.

  • Gen McNultyRELAX!!!!!!!!! CHILL OUT!!!! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Being a parent is hard enough. Don’t worry about the little things that you can’t control. You’re blessed just to be a parent – enjoy the ride.

  • Mari Goerlich – Your children are teaching you more about yourself than you are teaching them – take time to reflect and learn all that you can.

One more tomorrow…

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  1. Cindy & Brian says:

    This is all so much fun to read! I love the Quad-a-thon!

  2. beth ewing says:

    all good advice but i think jen murray’s advice is something that most first time mom’s struggle with and it’s something i try to tell all expecting women.

  3. the schirano triplets says:

    i love mari's advice. it is probably the biggest thing i have learned over the past 12 years of being a parent (in addition to all of the wonderful things gen, jen & suz also said). and now that i have had the triplets, that point has been driven home…i always say that although we hope to teach our children about the world, they actually teach us.

    and i agree with cindy…the quad-a-thon was a fantastic idea!