Quad Q&A: "How Many Other Blogs Do You Check?"

Sorry about the delay. Our internet was down last night, which is not fun for a baby blog addict or someone in the middle of a quadathon! Anyway, we’re back with part 5 of our Q&A with the Quad Moms. Click here if you want to see the series so far, or just keep scrolling down.

9. How many other blogs do you check a day?

  • Suz Steece – gotta LOVE i google subscriptions!–saves me a TON of time! 5 MUST READS (my other quad mamas) and about 10 total (if i have time).
  • Jen MurrayIt honestly depends on the day and who updates. I try to check on my quad-mamas daily and there are about 10-15 of them across the country that I follow. I also try to keep track of some of my faithful readers and friends and family.
  • Gen McNulty1. Jen M. 2. Suz S. 3. Mari G.
  • Mari Goerlich – We check about 4 – 5 blogs a day. I have many others that I we check in on from time to time.

10. Who does most of your blog updates – you or your husband?

  • SuzME!
  • JenUsually I do, but I think Brad is the better writer. I LOVE it when he posts! He was the original blogger during the pregnancy, but passed off the torch to me after the boys were born.
  • GenIn the beginning, Conor. Now, it’s me. He still contributes, but it’s been a great outlet for me to have. And it’s our kids baby book so I didn’t want to let it fall behind. I’ve ended up loving it.. btw!! :)
  • MariMost of the time we post together – it’s fun for us to go through pictures together or come up with funny stories about the kids together.

Our quadathon is quickly coming to an end. We’ll have another Q&A tonight and one more tomorrow. Then next week, we’ll go back to posting fun parenting tips, baby news and blog features and we’ll continue to have more giveaways.

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