Quad Giveaway: Natural Baby Starter Kit

::This giveaway has ended. Check out our new giveaway above::

We are giving away a Seventh Generation Natural Baby Starter Kit from Wee Generation to one lucky BBA reader!

The Natural Baby Starter Kit is an ideal gift for new parents or parents-to-be who want to create a natural, healthy lifestyle for their child. All products are free of chlorine and gentle on a baby’s soft skin. Many of these Seventh Generation items are included in the first 500 Wee Generation eco-diaper bags that are now available.

The kit is valued at $49.99 and includes:

  • 2 packages Size 1 Chlorine-Free Diapers
  • Chlorine-Free Baby Wipes
  • Chlorine-Free Baby Wipes Refill
  • Natural Baby Laundry Detergent
  • Seventh Generation Tote

Here’s how to enter:

1. Just go to Wee Generation and click on Buy the Bag to check out their three designs. Which is your favorite?

2. Let us know your favorite in a comment on this post. Just make sure we have your contact info (email or blog address) either in your blogger profile or in the comment itself, so we can contact you. Only one entry per person per giveaway.

3. We’ll then run the number of comments in a random integer generator and come up with the winner then post it here on BBA on Wednesday.

This contest runs: Tuesday, 7/29 at 8am ET – Wednesday, 7/30 at 8am ET.

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  1. I love the first one shown, the one with the circles. Very nice bags :0)

  2. Gibson Twins says:

    i like the soda pop currant design


  3. Aimee Ash says:

    Soda pop silver weed–very cute and would go with anything!

  4. Lori Shay says:

    I love the Bottle Bank Thistle! This looks like a great bag!

  5. I like the bottle bank thistle.

  6. I LOVE the soda pop Black Currant bag!

  7. I love the Bottle Bank Thistle, looks like something my husband wouldn’t mind carrying!


  8. Elizabeth says:

    I love the Bottle Bank Thistle, but they are all three really cute.

  9. They are all cute but I really like the Bottle Bank Thistle.

  10. These bags are great! I love how there are compartments for every thing–great organization.
    I like the Soda Pop Silver Weed print.


  11. Greisie says:

    The Bottle Bank Thistle design is my favorite. What a great bag.

  12. I LOVE the Bottle Bank Thistle design! It’s sooo nice.

  13. Jaedeanne, Damian, and ? Shaver says:

    I love the Soda Pop Silver Weed – so cute and such a great idea!

  14. My Three Sons says:

    Bottle Bank Thistle


  15. I'm Chrissy! says:

    Great bags! I love the Soda Pop Silver Weed bag.

  16. Jennifer says:

    Ohhh, I love the Bottle Bank Thistle design!!! Very neat idea.

  17. I love th4e Bottle Bankone! What a great bag!!

  18. Melanie says:

    Awesome bags! I love the soda pop Black Currant bag!


  19. The soda pop black currant is my fav! Such cute bags!


  20. The Petro's says:

    Soda Pop Silver Weed

  21. mama2a&b says:

    Bottle Bank Thistle!
    orangetriangle2 AT yahoo DOT com

  22. Rachie Pachie says:

    Love Soda Pop Silver Weed!


  23. Barbara Manatee says:

    I love the Bottle Bank Thistle! Great for our 3rd baby on the way!

  24. the schirano triplets says:

    oooh, i like the soda pop black currant!

  25. David and Sarah says:

    Love the bottle bank thistle pattern! It looks roomy enough to carry stuff for our new twins!

  26. M and M Madsen says:

    Love the soda pop black currant the most! Michaun@gmail.com

  27. AnniePearl says:

    Love the Bottle Bank Thistle pattern…fantastic products, we have started to use Seven Generation in our home.


  28. Stephanie Cook says:

    I like the soda pop black currant.

  29. Amber S. says:

    Very nice! I like the Soda pop silver weed design, as it would go with most anything!


  30. Rick & Jenn Payne says:

    I Love the Bottle Bank Thistle. It would be fun to carry around.


  31. Michelle says:

    Bottle Bank Thistle. Love it. I would love to give it to a friend that just had a baby but It would be hard not keeping it for myself :) I have a 9 month old so I could still use a nice diaper bag!

  32. Catherine says:

    My vote is for the bottle bank thistle.

  33. Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy says:

    We’d love the opportunity for this due to baby girl Helana who is due to arrive via c-section September 7th!

    I love the Soda Pop Black Current design the best!

  34. Bridgette Boudreaux says:

    Soda pop black currant! My email is cajuntutor@gmail.com

  35. rccalyn says:

    I like the “soda pop black” bag. Those are really cool. And I’ve really been getting into the Seventh Generation stuff lately.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I Love the Bottle Bank Thistle!!! This would be great for my little one-to-be.
    -Ashley Pittman

  37. I really like the Bottle Bank Thistle

  38. Soda Pop Black Currant

  39. I like the Soda Pop Silver Weed.

  40. steele family says:

    they are all cute, but the bottle bank thistle is my favorite!

  41. bottle bank thistle

  42. The Steward Family says:

    I love the soda pop silver weed! The removable compartments are great!


  43. Mine is the Bottle Bank Thistle.

  44. bottle bank thistle!!

  45. Wow, all are fantastic designs. I like the soda pop silver weed the best.

  46. Stoots Family says:

    My fav would have to be the bottle bank thistle. Love the design.


  47. Anonymous says:

    I like the bottle bank thistle — great colors!

    emilyslinger at juno dot com

  48. Soda Pop Silver Weed is super cute!

  49. Stephanie Steed says:

    I like the bottle bank thistle!


  50. Jennifer Walker says: