"The Baby Borrowers" Premieres Wednesday

NBC’s newest reality show, “The Baby Borrowers,” premieres tomorrow night. When the series was first announced months ago, critics were up in arms. At least one critic says the show is not nearly as creepy as it sounds.

“It could be educational for some naive teens,” wrote Jeanne Ostrow, a television critic for the Denver Post. “The Baby Borrowers,” according to Ostrow, “turns out to be both more supervised and less harrowing than advertised.”

Ostrow continues: “Consider the fact that the actual parents who lent their children to the producers for this project were across the street, watching on monitors, and able to enter the house to talk to the teen couples at any time. Consider, too, that nannies were on-site, although instructed not to intervene except in the case of an emergency, which happens in one episode when a baby wakes up, crying, to an empty house.”

Would you turn over your child for a “social experiment?” One woman, who turned over her two children to the show, said she has no regrets.

“I didn’t look at it as loaning my kid to a TV show,” said Natalie Nichols, a 31-year-old mother who got married and pregnant on purpose at 17. “I looked at it as a very important teaching project. It was a way to get a message out.”

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  1. It reminds me a lot of the talk shows that did a lot of this years ago, pre-Dr. Pihl. Maury, Montel and even Oprah, I think, did similar versions of “The Baby Borrowers.”

  2. MyBabyFirst.com says:

    I cant wait to see this show! It looks like it can provide reality checks for young inexperienced parents

  3. Carol Jardin says:

    I’ll be watching no doubt! Good lesson for teens. the dumb ones at least.

  4. PlutoNash says:

    Man, I think bush should give up the wars on drugs, terror and freedom and just declare a war on teen pregnancy.

  5. How about teens declare war by making better decisions. Not being stupid. Wear condoms morons.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That was as lame as it gets-seriously teenagers living in a nice home in the very expensive Eagle, Idaho? Please HOW UNREAL can you get-and was i mistaken or were these teens sleeping in one bed?? I say thumbs down on this show-next…

  7. Anonymous says:

    come on some girls are showing me that they cant handal a baby i mean not whering the pad that gives you the felling of being pregnet which a boy should so not where no matter how funny it was also babies cant talk or walk amagin todlers or preteens.