Bringing Up Babies…at Work

Could that be a gurgle or – whoa – a stinky diaper in the next cubicle? Yes, “baby on board” is the latest – and the most controversial – trend in corporate day care for a small but growing number of brave employers. The twist is parents do the care, toting infants with them to the office each day and juggling bottles and wipes, conference calls and e-mail.

Controversial? You bet.

Proponents hail the idea as a workplace morale-booster, along with a needed benefit in a country lacking in affordable child care. But naysayers call parenting and working a poor mix, and say infants are an unwanted distraction for employees. More from the Boston Globe

What do you think?

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  1. beth ewing says:

    “an unwanted distraction”…now that’s a nice way to describe a child. i will say that i think this would be really hard. i knew a few women who work at home with their children there and most have had to find another solution. but if it works for them then i say go for it.

  2. Emily Ann says:

    It IS very hard! I brought my daughter in after she was born for about a month (she was about 1 1/2 months old); even with a large private office, it was SO much work! I think I ended up stressing myself out more than helping the situation. Those who think babies “just sleep all day at that age” must have forgotten already how many diapers, bottles, naps, etc. a little one goes through :)

  3. Jennifer Walker says:

    You might want to consider that you barely have time to brush you teeth when you have a baby. If they are at work with you, they won’t sleep any more than they do at home. Yet, you’ll have to answer emails, make phone calls and read reports too.

  4. I did this for 18 months with my son…it was hard at times, but I made it work. I worked in a church office, and LOTS of support!

  5. Newborn Baby Mama says:

    Maybe if they had daycare in the same building not in the same office as mama…

    I can not imagine talking to someone in an office an hearing crying or playing in the background….

  6. says:

    I work from a home office and find it impossible to get any work done when I am also caring for a crawling/active baby. They are curious and need constant attention. I found that either my work suffered or my child wouldnt have a very good day. Kids have more fun playing in a real daycare with their peers than they do playing at your heals while you are trying to get some work done at the computer. Its really much better for both parents and babies if work and childcare are not mixed.