Blogging During Labor

The San Francisco Chronicle and The Poop, their baby blog, always have great articles about babies. Check out this one about the founder of Six Apart who blogged throughout her 32-hour labor. Not surprising since Six Apart is a new-media startup that runs the Vox, Movable Type and Typepad blogging platforms.

Did any of you blog during your labor? My husband made a post right before we left for the hospital and then again within a couple of hours of my son’s birth. That was two and a half years ago. I have a feeling that he might have the computer in the room with us next time :)

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  1. Andria and Co. says:

    I wanted to blog, but my hospital didn’t have wifi in the labor room.

  2. It’s my goal to at least get a post in there at the very beginning. My labors are fast and intense, though, so we’ll see! On a board I am on there are tons of moms who will update during their labors to the boards to let others know how it’s going. I can’t imagine!

  3. Bridget says:

    Oh heck no! I was too busy and out of it with Libby… 42 hrs and don’t remember most of it… with Logan, we just didn’t bother bringing the laptop. We were too busy walking, hoping for things to progress. We didn’t even call people until we knew for sure if we were staying or going home. We thought for sure it would be a failed induction. But he arrived within 13 hrs!

  4. beth ewing says:

    i had just started blogging so it didn’t even occur to me. but my friend did and she was in IM for most of it too.