Stroller Fan

I was at the park the other day and saw a mother pushing a stroller with this cool fan. She received it as a gift and called her friend on the spot to find out where she got it.

Check out the Pinwheel Fan at One Step Ahead for only $12.95. This would be great for summer, especially for outside parties, festivals and theme parks.

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  1. Andria and Co. says:

    That would come in handy in this Texas heat!

  2. Wow that is such a cute idea! Sometimes it gets really hot in Hawaii. Just stopping in from mommyfest! hope to see you around.

  3. That is absoultely perfect for my son…it is so darn hot here in Texas its impossible to enjoy a walk without his little cheeks turning beat red…

    That would also make a great gift for some friend of mine…

  4. Donzi45 says:

    Thats a great idea for this summer.