Internet Addiction Worst Among Middle-Aged Women Who Stay At Home

I came across this article titled, “Internet addictions: A real medical menace?” It states:

  • Internet addiction…is becoming so common that at least one psychiatrist says it merits inclusion in psychiatry’s official handbook of mental illness, the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.”
  • …But other doctors comment that Internet addiction, while it may be real, is too new of a condition and needs further study before being medically classified.

Of course I thought about us Baby Blog Addicts while reading the article and chuckled because they were talking about people waaaaay beyond us, right? Until I got to the part that said, “Recent studies are surprising, indicating the problem is worst not among game-obsessed teens, but rather among middle-aged women who stay at home, constantly on the computer as a way of connecting to the outside world.”

I guess we need to feature a 12 step program soon!

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  1. I totally can see it!

  2. Bickers Family says:

    That can’t be me right?!?! They can classify anything as a illness nowadays! LOL

  3. I could see it…. if it causes you to neglect your children… then again, I guess I could be considered a laundry addict too, since I forgot snack time b/c of it and just found my daughter munching on cereal that she pulled out all on her own while I’m shoving more and more laundry in the washer. lol. ;)

  4. beth ewing says:

    that makes me laugh so hard. i can see going to the doctor and telling him i need to see a specialist b/c i have internet addiction. i’m assuming he would laugh at that too.

  5. Andy, Cherie, and Sarah says:

    Well, I said it last year….

    “I’m Cherie, and I’m a blog addict.”

    Actually, I don’t neglect my family, only myself, as I usually get hooked in the wee hours of the night and then get too little sleep.

  6. baby advice says:

    I could see that happening!

  7. I would go crazy without the internet! As a stay at home mom living in a small town,it’s a perfect way to connect with the outside world.