Nuby – The Best Sippy Cup

If you are looking for the perfect sippy cup to transition your child off the bottle, look no further. The Nuby No-Spill™ Spout was recommended to me for my son and now I recommend it to all parents too. Nuby says it’s for babies 6 months+ (although my son didn’t make the transition until 12 months).

The Nuby No-Spill™ Spout is made of soft silicone which makes the transition off the bottle much easier than going straight to a hard top sippy cup. They are reasonable at about $2 each and easy to clean with only two parts – the cup and the lid.

Let us and your fellow Baby Blog Addicts know what you think about the Nuby or if you have any other sippy cup suggestions on the Product Reviews section of our forum (registration required for log in) or in the comments section below.

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  1. We loved the Nuby from about 6-18 months. Then my daughter figured out how to make the no spill spout leak by squeazing it. We still use them all the time, but no longer in the car because she thinks it is fun to make a mess.

  2. I have found these cups make a mess too. Only because a little of the juice/milk sits in the tip and when they throw or knock over their cup it spills out! I did like how easy they were to clean and it was a good transition cup from the bottle!

  3. Adrienne and Kyle says:

    We also used it as a transition cup from the bottle. Kaden will only use the sport top nuby right now. But these cups came with three different tops, a nipple like top, sport top, and then the traditional spout.

  4. this is a great transitional cup! We started using it as soon as we started feeding Libby food (6 months)! She would have a nuby of water on her tray. Most of the time she just played with it… then she figured it out. By her birthday, she was in the playtex sippies. I love the nuby!

    Also… I saw an ad for a Dr Brown’s sippy! I don’t know much about it … but may be worth checking out if you aren’t a big nuby fan.

  5. Well…from the other side….
    My girls LOVED these cups TOO much!! They were completely off of the bottle at 11 months and drank only from the Nuby cups. Only thing was they became attached and dependant onto them just like a bottle. It then began ANOTHER thing to break the habit of. SO if your kiddo will take another sippy cup… skip these. If you can’t get your kiddo to drink from another one they are GREAT..if you have the understanding that they suck like a bottle and are very similiar to a bottle…. and are also something else you eventually have to get rid of.
    Just the filp side opinion.

  6. they’re a great idea- use them for water for my son

  7. I agree with Nikki . My daughter became attached to these sippy cups just like a bottle. They basically are a bottle in a different shape. I would steer clear. My daughter eventually started “chewing” at the top…and even though she had few teeth they were enough to make large holes, and I was afraid pieces would start to come off. We are now gong through the whole “bottle’ breaking routine AGAIN with the sippy cup this time!! Steer clear..they are too much like bottles.