Skip the High Chair

You may want to skip over the high chair when you are registering. Instead, check out the infant to toddler feeding seat from The First Years. It’s much more compact, it’s portable and it grows with your child, so instead of buying a high chair and a booster seat (and later storing both in the attic), you can just get the smaller feeding seat from the get-go.

We went the route of the high chair and booster seat and it worked for us the way our kitchen and dining room were set up, but I can easily see how skipping the high chair altogether could be a better option for some. What do you think?

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  1. definitely would go this route! we hated our highchair (evenflo)! It wasn’t the one we had registered for and it was a mess to keep clean. The cushion faded quickly. We didn’t use it that long… we didn’t start feeding our daughter foods or cereals until 6 months (she was sitting up by then) and we switched to a booster by her birthday b/c I was so sick of cleaning the highchair with toothpicks and a toothbrush. We may only using it with number 2 b/c we have it… but will probably switch to a booster sooner (if not just go this route from the start), definitely when he starts feeding himself.

  2. beth ewing says:

    i love my high chair and we have a fold up one for when we’re at peoples houses but i’ve used one like this before and i like it too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have 3 children and never bought a regular highchair!! We just used bouncy seats for those first meals of just cereal and then got the little high chairs that can be used as boosters too!! This is the one I have for my twins.. so easy to take anywhere too!

  4. Adrienne and Kyle says:

    We have the seat instead of high chair and love it! our kitchen is too small for a big high chair and this has worked out so well.

  5. The Brandes Family says:

    I agree. We have the Fisher Price equivalent and we love it! It is a highchair that sits in your chair and then converts to a booster.

  6. This is all I used for my three boys. My oldest was only 20 mos older tahn the twins so I had no room for three high chairs! These were so much easier and they all sat right at the table with us.